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Australian owned BiTech Group is a provider of Business Intelligence solutions and Professional Services to corporate customers.

Founded in 2005, BiTech Group is the leading Performance Management, Financial Reporting and Business Intelligence Professional Services organisation in the Asian Pacific market. Our company is built on the quality of our staff and is founded on providing the highest level of Professional Services.

We deliver end-to-end solutions in Performance Management and Business Intelligence and have assisted many companies in meeting their business requirements. We help organisations understand how technology can be applied to solve business problems, improve business processes and reduce operation costs. We deliver proven, customised solutions to meet our customers’ business needs.
Business Intelligence


Is your organisation ready to reap the benefits of a newer version of your Business Intelligence platform? Let our certified migration specialists pave the way to a best-in-class Business Intelligence migration and allow your organisation to start tapping its full potential.
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health check
Business Intelligence
Health Check


If your organisation is about to invest or has already invested in a Business Intelligence solution, you want to make sure you can rely on your data to make critical decisions. Only from a healthy business intelligence environment you will receive reliable data. Read about the unique BiTech Group Business Intelligence Health Check services.
Business Intelligence


BiTech Group has the tools and expertise to implement and develop the best reporting and analysis solutions to turn your vital data into actionable inforamtion for all levels of your organisation.
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data integration
Data Migration &
Integration Services


Key to any business intelligence initiative is the reliability and availability of your data. BiTech Group has the experience to support you to integration your ETL porcessess and data warehouse into your end-to-end Business Intelligence project.
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data warehousing
Data Warehousing


BiTech Group consultants are specialised in building or refining your data warehouse to integrate data from multiple applications and provide your organisation with the benefits of a data warehouse. It's not a job, it's art!
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