XO Accelerator

Make Experience Management Decisions without doubt and combine Experience Management Data (X-Data) and Operational Data (O-Data) without limitations.

What is XO Accelerator

XO Accelerator is a groundbreaking solution that empowers businesses to seamlessly integrate their Experience Management Data (X-Data) and Operational Data (O-Data) sources, providing a unified view of their operations and enabling organisations to gain actionable insights 

  • Deliver Experience Management analytics without IT Support: Elevate BI capabilities and deliver industry-specific analytics with pre-built business content.
  • Seamlessly integrate Experience Management Data (X-Data) with Operational Data (O-Data): Out-of-the box integration with Experience Management solutions like Qualtrics® and unlimited integration options with your Operational Data.
  • Data Fabric Architecture: Allows businesses to build a business data fabric architecture that quickly delivers Experience Managment (Qualtrics®) data throughout the organisation.
  • Incorporate reliable AI: Embrace the potential of generative AI for automating reporting and uncovering concealed insights.

Improve customer satisfaction, increase operational efficiency and make more informed decisions to take your business to new heights!

Do you struggle with disconnected Experience Management data that is separate from other operational data sources? Or maybe you face challenges in exporting experience management data in a business-friendly format without IT support.

Experiences drive customer expectations, so every organisation needs tools to help them better understand their customers and deliver breakthrough customer experiences.

XO Accelerator can help provide a unified view of business operations. By combining the power of Experience Management Data (X-Data) and Operational Data (O-Data), you can truly understand what's happening at every step of the customer journey.

By integrating with Qualtrics®, XO Accelerator delivers robust improvements that elevate customer success by providing a 360-degree view of Experience Management (X-Data) or over X-Data combined with Operational (O-Data), thereby providing actionable insights. All this is delivered without the need for manual extractions or data manipulations and is managed by the Business without the need to rely on IT or BI specialists.

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