Analytics Cloud

Work within one Screen at any time without waiting on IT

SAP Analytics Cloud is the next generation Software as a Service (SaaS) for Business Intelligence (BI), Planning, and Predictive Analytics capabilities in a single Cloud based product.

Designed to answer business questions with ease and support self-service business Intelligence capabilities.

With SAP Analytics Cloud, business users can discover the unknowns, predict the future, make better decisions and turn those decisions into actions.

Discover Insights and Make Fast Confident decision that can transform your business. Talk to us to Learn more!

Key Benefits 

    Business Intelligence

    Discover Deep Insights and Visualise True Insights

    • SAP Analytics Cloud BI helps you to evaluate and predict business Outcomes.
    • Make Better decision by Interacting with visualisations, drilling down for more detailed information and answer business questions on the fly.
    • Connect to different data sources and analyse your information to see the full picture of your business and make better decisions.


    Plan, Budget, Analyse, Strategize and Act in The Moment.

    • Planning allows finance professionals and lines of business analysts to quickly and easily build planning models, analyse data, and collaborate in context for greater alignment and business performance.
    • Visualise the impact of your decisions by running What-If scenarios across the organisation to get a full financial picture.
    • Develop plans efficiently so you can focus on strategic planning.

    Augmented Analytics

    Forecast, Stay Ahead and Plan your Path to the Intelligence Enterprise.

    • Use Guided Machine Discovery to discover predictive insights and explore what future business situations may come your way.
    • SAP Analytics Cloud Predictive Capabilities helps you to identify potential risks and opportunities allowing for improved decision making across the board.
    • Achieve Search to Insight through machine learning technology and natural learning processing. Simply type your questions and Search to Insight provides a visual answer for your question.

Business Intelligence


Augment Analytics

Key Capabilities

Business Intelligence with Analytics Cloud

Intuitive self-service features to explore information across the organisation. Answer complicated questions in just a few clicks. Blend data from different sources, create compelling data visualisations and run ad-hoc reports.

Connect and Prepare your Data

Prepare and build models within SAP Analytics Cloud by importing data into the cloud or creating secure live connections to cloud or on-premise data sources.

Visualise and Build your own Views

Using SAP Analytics Cloud, a user can design, visualise, and create stories live and add simple location analytics into their visualisations.

Share with your team

With the built-in Collaboration tool, users can collaborate and share information with their team without the need to switch to between different screen or applications – helping to speed time to action.

 Planning with Analytics Cloud

Easily construct sophisticated planning solutions. Plan and analyse directly within your enterprise solution for instant insight to action. Interact on screen, on the road or at home to keep the conversation going. Augment manual insights with embedded intelligence for better, data-driven decisions. 


Within SAP Analytics Cloud, users can create/modify calculations and plan models and on the fly. SAP Analytics Cloud planning capabilities helps users to personalise their KPIs, dashboard, processes and stories.


SAP Analytics Cloud planning allows users to Analyse, plan and visualise in the same application. SAP Analytics Cloud users can make the best use of data with integrated organisational planning features.


Enjoy a new generation of planning in the cloud with a modern look and feel. Plan and simulate at any level of detail, with any number of users, at any time. Drive high performance planning and forecasting.

Augmented Analytics with Analytics Cloud 

Get automatic insights at any level of detail from a data point to a model powered by advanced machine learning and predictive technologies.

Smart discoveries 

SAP Analytics Cloud help users understand the main business drivers behind their core KPIs, such as revenue, churn, and productivity. They can interact with insights and explore hidden structures and relationships and find the answer to business questions through intuitive charts and natural language.

Smart discoveries – simulation

With the SAP Analytics Cloud smart assist, users can simulate possible outcomes based on their business scenarios and predict the outcome of a particular KPI or record value based on historical data.

Smart insights 

Users can quickly develop a clear understanding of intricate aspects of their business data and can click on a data point to get smart textual and visual insights.

See Analytics Cloud in Action

Smart Predict Demo

Analytics Cloud Demo

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