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The arrival of SAP Data Warehouse Cloud puts 'legacy Data Warehousing' on notice ! 

Traditional Data Warehouse solutions are generally high cost, difficult to maintain and require specialist trained and experienced IT resources. 

If you have already taken the Data Warehouse journey, how many times have you needed to deal with:
  • Project overruns
  • Complex Process Maintenance
  • Endless Scope Creep
  • Disjoined or no metadata
  • Performance bottlenecks
  • High Cost associate with enhancements
  • Long timelines to deliver on Business needs
  • And the list goes on

It seems like it's a constant balancing act, a never ending story with the Business always knocking on the door asking for more !!
So data warehousing is definitely here to stay, but traditional Data Warehousing vendors will be forced to provide business-focused capabilities that deliver results faster and at a lower price point.

Introducing SAP Data Warehouse ! 

SAP Data Warehouse Cloud is the first enterprise-ready, data warehouse in the cloud that unites all your data sources in one solution, maintaining the security, trust, and semantic richness of your information. 

  • eliminate the systemic issues generally associated with 'legacy Data Warehousing'
  • choose when or even if you want to move your data
  • get access to live data across the entire enterprise
  • empower the IT Department, the Data Warehouse Team and the Business so that they can all achieve their goals without the need to invest heavily in expensive 'expert' resources
  • every step in the way, the Business can be in the driver's seat, they can enrich their data, meta data added all with a sensible balance between governance and delivery
  • visualisation and KPI reporting are built natively into the platform with a full set of capabilities to collect, analyse, share, and act on insight.
  • sophisticated processing libraries and machine learning capabilities that change static KPI dashboard reporting into powerful what-if and predictive augmented analytics
  • its almost like you get a 'data warehouse expert' in-a-box, a 'bi expert' in-a-box and a 'data scientist' in-a-box

SAP Data Warehouse Cloud SAP Data Warehouse Cloud is not just another database - It is a full platform solution that changes the way we interact with our data.

Why SAP Data Warehouse Cloud is different? 

SAP Data Warehouse Cloud is the only cloud data warehouse solution designed for both IT and line of business users. This is a unique feature to SAP Data Warehouse Cloud only, business users are empowered to leverage enterprise data and external data independently from IT but within a centrally governed environment. Business users can get the insight they need when they need them and make trusted decision without delay.

SAP Data Warehouse Cloud is end-to-end so that you do not have to paste together an array of sophisticated technologies so that you get value faster. You have all that is needed to transform distributed data of any size and shape into valuable insights.

With SAP HANA's in-memory power, you get instant responses no matter where your data is. All you need is ready for you in the cloud with no upfront procurement and license costs.

SAP Warehouse Cloud is a cloud-native solution that makes you benefit from the agility of the cloud. It is elastic to scale compute and storage resources up and down on-demand, and you only pay for what to use. Most importantly, SAP Warehouse Cloud works synergistically with your existing on-premises systems and provides you a simple and cost-efficient way to embrace cloud computing. You can use it to extend your existing warehouse investments to the cloud.

SAP Data Warehouse Cloud is fully integrated with SAP Analytics Cloud, with this SAP Data Warehouse Cloud combines powerful data management capabilities with the broadest advanced analytics, helping organisations to make confident decisions – all in one, all in the cloud.

What makes SAP Data Warehouse Cloud unique? 

It's Collaborative ...

SAP Data Warehouse Cloud is a collaborative solution that powers your team's insights and makes it easy for you to share them across your business and ecosystem. Unlike other solutions, SAP Data Warehouse empowers business users to leverage all their data assets – internal and external to the enterprise. They can analyse diverse data in context without copying bits and bytes in and out of spreadsheets.

Beside sparing tedious manual tasks, this governed environment allows your business to make decisions based on a single source of truth without involving IT at each step of the way.

Data integration is handled in a well-governed, secure manner that ensures the information is protected against unauthorised disclosure and is maintained consistent and current. Built-in modelling allows new sources of data to be easily combined to help produce new insights from the details contained in multiple data sources. 

Combine information from enterprise data sources and external data sources in Spaces dedicated to a specific line of business or use-case. Each Space is decoupled yet open for secure collaboration.

  • Minimised data copies with centrally governed data access
  • Secure collaboration through role-based security and the ability to share objects between spaces
  • Self-organised and isolated modelling environments
  • Graphical and SQL view modelling capabilities included
  • Native enhanced data transformation and harmonisation tooling
  • Open to 3rd party ETL tools
  • Superior user experience for both business & IT users 

It's end-to-end ...

SAP Data Warehouse Cloud is an end-to-end solution that increases the productivity of both business and IT. SAP Data Warehouse Cloud provides you all the tools to convert data into insights faster and at a lower TCO. But also allows you to leverage your existing skills and investments in SAP and non-SAP technology. SAP Data Warehouse cloud is an all-inclusive and open solution.

With the best of both worlds, you have all that is needed to transform distributed data of any size and shape into valuable insights at speed. SAP Data Warehouse Cloud also uniquely leverages SAP's understanding of business and technology. It delivers pre-integration with SAP Intelligent Suite and ready-to-use business content to accelerate your projects.

It also offers means to empower domain experts to understand data, increasing productivity and business agility. 

Business integration, database, data warehouse, and analytics in ONE solution. The business semantic layer ensures instant understanding and machine learning technology supports end-to-end decision-making.
  • Pre-integration with the SAP Intelligent Enterprise Suite
  • Consolidated view of data across relevant data sources
  • Supports different types of data with engines designed to analyse complex and unconventional data sets
  • Industry model templates and business content simplify modeling and analytics story design
  • Real-time advanced analytics and machine learning capabilities
  • Integration support for hybrid data landscapes

It's fast ...

Data Warehouse Cloud is built on SAP HANA and leverages its powerful in-memory technology to reduce processing time from hours to seconds. Multiple storage options and out-of-the-box connectors allow for flexible and tailored performance.

Unlike analytics systems of old, SAP HANA and Data Warehouse Cloud are not slowed down by new transactions, meaning that new information can be factored in instantly, so you're always making decisions on most up-to-date information available.

With this powerful solution available in the cloud, you can rip the benefits of real-time informed decision making without lengthy setup times and upfront costs:
  • SAP Data Warehouse Cloud provides performance without compromise
  • Decisions at the speed of business powered by SAP HANA in the cloud
  • In-Memory processing for highest performance demands
  • Columnar storage to compress data by factors
  • One system for all data processing from OLAP to geospatial and machine learning 

It's elastic ... 

Business is unpredictable. Your data systems must be flexible to enable you to move and seize new opportunities quickly. With Data Warehouse Cloud, you have flexible pricing and elastic scale; but that's just the beginning.

Data Warehouse Cloud ensures smart allocation of your storage and, IT managers will find it easy to allocate resources across departments and business units - quickly adjusting to a dynamic business environment.

Last but not least, SAP Data Warehouse Cloud leverages SAP' knowledge of business systems to provide superior integration for hybrid data landscapes.
Experience next-level data management with all of the benefits of cloud and hybrid environments. Deploy quickly, only pay for what teams in your business use, and let SAP take care of the management for you.
  • Cost-effective, seamless data tiering for data of any shape and size
  • Pay-as-you-go with a flexible pricing model based on consumption of storage and compute resources
  • Smart allocation of your storage and compute resources with intelligent data access through virtualization or replication
  • Allocate resources easily across departments and business units
  • Data load monitoring and traceability 

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