SAP Digital Boardroom

Transform your old boardroom for a new Digital Boardroom 

Traditional meetings consist of spreadsheets populated with static and siloed data that's often a few days old. This means decisions are based on insights that might no longer be relevant or are viewed in isolation, limiting their use and accuracy.

If we were to continue this traditional way of working, using the insights captured by modern big data analytics tools would still restrict potential. While the data might be more current, it's still static and analysed in isolation.

The competitive business landscape has placed great pressure on businesses to adopt new digital technologies. While understanding and responding to market demands has long been critical to success, the pace at which businesses respond has been slow.

Do you want Simple, Instant Data-Driven Insights, with total transparency into business in real-time?

Enter the digital boardroom 

The digital boardroom brings these capabilities to life, providing a cloud-based platform integrating all data insights captured from across the business.

This enables interactive and strategic discussions around all business decisions, with solutions based on ad-hoc and contextual real-time data analysis.

For Australian businesses, having an integrated data and analytics platform in the meeting room is a huge advantage in maximising the value of increased data volumes. Leaders can now stay across all facets of the business from a single control room.

Total Transparency 

Get a complete picture of the company situation in real time

Visualize in-context insights to maximize impact on the audience

Align executive decisions on one source of truth across business areas

Instant Data-Driven Insights 

Answer ad hoc questions on the fly to better understand the business

Analyze root causes to identify business challenges and opportunities in real time

Simulate impact of potential decisions to financials and operations

Simplified boardroom processes

Transform the boardroom experience for better outcomes

Reduce boardroom meeting preparation time and effort 

Leverage predefined best practices to accelerate time to value

By moving the boardroom into the 21st century, executives are able to improve global visibility and forecasting accuracy, creating better business outcomes.

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