XO Accelerator Features

In today's fiercely competitive business landscape, organisations are on a quest for excellence. They seek to enhance customer and employee satisfaction, boost operational efficiency and make informed decisions. The secret sauce lies in seamlessly integrating Experience Management Data (X-Data) with Operational Data (O-Data) and that's where XO Accelerator® steps onto the stage.

See below some of the key features of XO Accelerator:

Automation of Qualtrics® X-Data Exports

XO Accelerator automates the process of exporting X-Data from Experience Management Solutions (survey platforms), eliminating manual exports and saving time and effort.

XO Accelerator provides a powerful and flexible way to access your Qualtrics® data and automate various tasks for scheduling and automating data exports, making it easy for users to keep their data up-to-date and in sync with other systems.

Allow business users to easily explore and integrate new information and share insights without IT support

  • Get a complete picture of the company situation in real time
  • Visualise in-context insights to maximise impact on the audience
  • Align executive decisions on one source of truth across business areas

No Limit to the integration of business data points

The integration of business data points refers to the process of combining data from different sources to gain a comprehensive understanding of business operations, customer behavior, market trends and other key factors that impact business performance. The more data points that can be integrated, the completer and more accurate the insights that can be gained.

With XO Accelerator there is no limit to the integration of business data points.

Business in control of Survey data and reports and not IT

XO Accelerator puts businesses in control of their survey data and reports, eliminating the need for IT involvement. The platform provides a user-friendly interface that allows users to export survey data, manage responses and generate reports without the need for technical expertise.

With XO Accelerator, businesses can securely store their survey data in their own cloud environment, making it easily accessible from anywhere with an internet connection.

XO Accelerator puts businesses in control of their survey data and reports, making it easy for them to gather and analyse feedback from customers, employees and other stakeholders. By eliminating the need for IT involvement, businesses can save time and resources and more quickly respond to changing business needs.

Custom Grouping of Survey Questions from different Surveys

XO Accelerator allows for custom grouping of survey questions from different surveys, providing users with the flexibility to organise and analyse data in a way that meets their specific needs. This feature can be particularly useful for users who are conducting multiple surveys and want to compare and analyse data across different surveys.

To create custom groups of survey questions, users can use the "Business Reporting Grouping" feature in XO Accelerator. This feature allows users to group questions from different surveys based on common themes or topics. Users can also create custom labels and tags for each group, making it easier to organise and analyse data. All in one simple screen!

Unlimited Reporting options

 XO Accelerator provides unlimited reporting options with your tool of Choice, including dashboards with survey progress, which can be easily accessed through the XO Accelerator platform.

The platform offers a user-friendly interface that allows users to create and customise reports based on their specific needs.
With XO Accelerator, users can create reports that include visualisations such as charts, graphs and tables and they can choose from a variety of display options to present data in the most impactful way possible. Additionally, users can set up automatic report updates to ensure that they are always working with the most up-to-date information.

Simplify the Data Landscape

Harmonise combined Experience Data (X-Data from Qualtrics®) and Operational Data (O-Data) access with a business data fabric.

XO Accelerator allows customers build a business data fabric architecture that quickly delivers Qualtrics® data throughout the organisation, unleashing business experts to make the most impactful decisions. It creates a unified data architecture that securely combines Qualtrics® Data and Operational data no matter where it resides. 

And because XO Accelerator is built on SAP Business Technology Platform, you know it comes with strong enterprise security capabilities, such as database security, encryption and governance.

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