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Data Warehousing

Do you want to get the most value from your data?

BiTech Group offers high-performance data warehousing solutions that speed up your data search, exploration and analysis. You can capture, store, analyse and manage your data in a secure and scalable data warehouse – and then deliver fully integrated and trustworthy information to decision makers throughout your organisation.

Our solutions include the ability to deliver a trusted, secure and scalable data warehouse for all your corporate data. It will be possible to streamline IT with pre-delivered extractors, business content and business-oriented modelling. You will gain real-time insights into large volumes of data to ensure timely and accurate decisions and it will boost business effectiveness with a high-performance analysis foundation.
Would you like to fully integrate all of your vital business information to make better decisions – faster?

With our data warehousing solutions, you can pinpoint the right information, accelerate analysis and see the trends that will help you shape your business strategies. The potential benefits?

  • Choice of flexible data warehouse solutions to meet your specific needs.
  • Lower IT costs, with a streamlined IT landscape and reduced maintenance.
  • Better decisions, based on fully integrated information.
  • Faster response times, decisive action and a competitive edge.


BiTech Group is one of Australia’s largest independent provider of enterprise and business intelligence applications, and we’re still growing. There are a lot of different teams behind our success, and all of them have an equally important role to play.

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