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Transition to SAP Analytics Cloud, the future of business intelligence and analytics at SAP, to accelerate innovation and use data more strategically. 

Why transition to SAP Analytics Cloud?

The current on-premise SAP BusinessObjects BI suite continues to receive support for its existing applications. However, it's worth noting that your system may not be optimized to harness the full potential of intelligent technologies and the dynamic adaptability offered by cloud solutions. This marks an opportune moment to embark on a path towards contemporary and intelligent analytics capabilities.

Deliver agile analytics

Facilitate a seamless journey – spanning from reporting to simulation, planning, and back – by unifying BI, augmented and predictive analytics, along with enterprise planning through AI and machine learning capabilities within a unified cloud-based platform.

Provide perspective and understanding

Enable all users to concentrate on business results by automating insights that aid in addressing common business queries, identifying patterns and trends, and projecting potential scenarios.

Transform your environment

Utilize an adaptable structure to modify your user count as usage trends change over time, utilizing the cloud subscription model for SAP Analytics Cloud and the private cloud edition of SAP BusinessObjects Enterprise.

Understand the SAP strategy

Learn about SAP analytics strategy

SAP Analytics Cloud stands as SAP's pivotal analytics solution, seamlessly merging analytics and planning while uniquely integrating with SAP applications and providing effortless access to diverse data origins. As SAP charts the course for the future of SAP Analytics Cloud, SAP dedications to the current SAP BusinessObjects clientele remains unwavering. Discover the roadmap ahead and explore the advised steps for these valued customers.

Accelerate your cloud analytics journey

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SAP Analytics Cloud

 SAP Analytics Cloud marks the inception of all fresh analytics endeavors and scenarios. It stands as a singular software as a service (SaaS) resolution for planning and analytics within the SAP Business Technology Platform. Showcasing its distinctive amalgamation with SAP's business applications and effortless access to varied data origins, SAP Analytics Cloud empowers every member of your organization to make resolute decisions armed with dependable insights and unified strategies.

SAP BusinessObjects Enterprise, private cloud edition

For organizations adhering to a cloud-first approach and seeking to persist with SAP BusinessObjects solutions, the private cloud iteration of SAP BusinessObjects Enterprise serves as an intermediary to transition towards SAP Analytics Cloud. This edition facilitates the migration of on-premise infrastructures into a privately managed cloud environment under SAP's stewardship, enabling you to reap cloud advantages while navigating your onward journey towards SAP Analytics Cloud.

Hybrid analytics

Hybrid analytics broaden the scope of on-premise SAP BusinessObjects BI environments by seamlessly integrating with the public cloud via SAP Analytics Cloud, all the while safeguarding your investments. This method offers a multitude of benefits and prospects, empowering SAP clients to effectively transition their BI and analytics operations to the cloud across critical application scenarios. Read our e-book:

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