SAP Predictive Analytics

Streamline your business using SAP Analytics Cloud Predictive Analytics

Big Data, Big Challenges, and Big Opportunities

Competing in today's demanding market place means going beyond "What Happened"

Traditional business intelligence (BI) tools provide limited explanations of why something happened, because most BI solutions are geared more for reporting and dashboarding workflows that focus on the past. As a result, users are left to create their own insights from slicing, dicing, and drilling through the data themselves.

Core Capabilities 

Prepare Data for Machine Learning Process

  • Just click not code to build analytical datasets
  • Work with all kind of data
  • Automate analytical datasets
  • Identify which variables are changing over time with timestamped populations

Build robust predictive models quickly 

Leverage SAP propriety automated functions to produce performing predictive models easily

Automate predictive modelling

Intuitive business design

Model predictive models end to end

Build complex predictive pipelines

Easy drag and drop UI for data selection, data preparation and predictive modelling

Easily embed the predictive models in SAP applications

Designed for more users for answering more questions with less effort. 

 Let our team of predictive analytics experts architect a prediction engine. While your experts focus on what to predict, let us help you on how to predict. Our experts will help you unleash the SAP Predictive Analytics Library on your existing data warehouse.

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