Cloud Migrations

 Enable cloud migration

Get the services and technology you need to migrate your assets, integrate your IT landscape, and configure and extend your applications.

Scalable BI services, immediately available and unburdened in management. Ideally you want to have the required (customer) insight and analysis options immediately available for use, just as simple as water from the tap. BI and Analytics, but without having to worry about infrastructure, software and expert management. 

Faster innovation with BiTech Group BI Cloud Services

Get started immediately, without having to worry about the technology. Whether you want to get started quickly with dashboard applications or predictive analyses based on Machine Learning. We help organisations to simply make the step to the Cloud. Based on a clear roadmap, we migrate existing solutions to the Cloud or create new BI & analytics applications in the Cloud.

 What BI Cloud services do we deliver? 

We deliver BI and analytics as a service, from dashboards to (Big) data platforms and advanced analytics applications. We have carefully put together a platform which seamlessly integrates with its own on-premises environment. As an organisation, you are quickly operational and time-consuming and often expensive investments for hardware and software can be dispensed with. After all, you only pay for use and initial start-up. 

 BiTech Group BI Cloud services delivers: 

  • Scalable and affordable BI platform: Fast up-and-down to meet the demand, so you only pay for what you use
  • High availability (99.95%) and continuity with arranged service for backup and antivirus
  • Cloud Data Warehouse for data storage, integration and analysis
  • (Big) data analytics environment
  • BI tools for dashboards & reports
  • On-premises integration with your own (source) systems and domain link for security with single sign-on
  • Quickly operational and start immediately

Quickly operational and start immediately? Contact us, we are happy to discuss your requirements