Data Migration

BiTech Group can assist you with enhancing and accelerating your data warehouse by providing the tools, best practices and content you need to quickly and seamlessly migrate your legacy data. Determine data requirements, identify necessary fields, confidentially map your source data and keep your stakeholders informed with detailed progress reports.

Our enhancement services help you customise the solution to meet your specific business needs, while our Integration Services ensure that you can seamlessly exchange your data with a third-party system – at an affordable and predictable cost.

Give your team a faster way to connect, prepare, and validate data prior to loading:

  • Control costs by reducing manual migration efforts and avoiding deployment delays
  • Gain end-to-end visibility across tasks and schedules
  • Use built-in methodology and intuitive templates to simplify complex migration processes
  • Keep migration teams and executives informed using key dashboard metrics
  • Reduce risk through strong data validation, workflow, and approval practices