XO Accelerator Release Highlights

Learn about the latest product innovations. Check out the latest feature highlights for the release cycle of XO Accelerator:

Provide essential analytics for your experience management success.

 Enhance business intelligence functionalities and provide tailored analytics for experience management data using ready-made business content.

Provide experience management insights with comprehensive business context.

Enable self-service analytics throughout your data experiences while upholding the significance of vital business procedures.

Speed up the journey to understanding.

Provide dashboards and reports equipped with pre-designed business content like KPIs, models and data flows for your experience management data.

Access insights from wherever your data resides.

Connect seamlessly with Qualtrics® for native integration, ensuring access to experience management insights across your entire data landscape.

Embed reliable AI.

 Leverage generative AI for automated reporting and uncover insights with SAP Joule copilot.

Improve decision-making with reliable AI.
Utilise SAP Joule copilot and generative AI for streamlined data analysis, risk evaluation, scenario modeling and beyond.

Uncover insights through conversational means.
Enable business users to swiftly and precisely obtain information about their data by conversing in natural language.

Streamline intricate processes and automate workflows.
Create scripts to enhance narratives and enrich data models with tailored calculations using generative AI.

Automated archiving and deletion of PII flagged customer survey data.

Automated Archiving and Deletion of PII Flagged Customer Survey Data. XO Accelerator automatically identifies and flags personally identifiable information (PII) within survey responses, enabling swift and secure archiving or deletion in accordance with data protection regulations. Say goodbye to manual data handling processes and hello to streamlined compliance and enhanced data privacy.

Effortlessly comply with GDPR erasure requests by seamlessly removing personal data from a multitude of sources, including survey responses, ticketing systems and contact databases, regardless of its original entry point. Whether the data was collected through online forms, customer interactions, or other channels, our solution ensures comprehensive erasure. 

With intuitive controls and automation features, you can swiftly identify and delete relevant data with precision. This not only streamlines compliance efforts but also enhances transparency and trust with your customers. 

Featured Highlights

NLQ powered by generative AI 

The just ask feature is the new natural language query (NLQ) feature. It is powered by generative artificial intelligence (AI) from SAP Analytics Cloud. Users access the feature directly from their home page to query X-Data and O-Data models. Key strengths that enhance answer accuracy and consistency, surpassing existing search-driven solutions, include:

  • Name entity recognition (NER) categorising text as known entities
  • Word embeddings and inferring word similarities based on meaning
  • Definition of synonyms for metadata and master data
  • Incorporation of user's intent in rules 

Flexible data modeling  

Innovation continues in XO Accelerator to offer more flexibility for data modeling based on the new model feature, powered by SAP Datasphere, that was introduced in 2023. The modeler has been extensively redesigned, key innovations in this version include:

  • New data-first approach to modeling that lets users focus on the data while a model is built automatically
  • New option to perform data wrangling independently from the data-import process
  • Modeling of planning models that includes dimensions without master data

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